How To Increase Sales, Profits and Achieve The Performance Potential of Your Retail Business With Less Demands On Your Time!!

Introducing The Retail Profit System

  • The Retail Profit System, developed by a retail industry executive and expert retail consultant, combines highly successful sales building programs with a strong operational foundation for maximum retail profits.
  • You will experience increased retail sales, higher gross margin return on investment (GMROI) and most importantly, a higher bank balance.

Guaranteed Results!!

The Retail Profit System: Absolutely The Most Powerful Formula For Rapid Retail Business Profit Improvement.....


The Retail Profit System  is a process for strengthening the infrastructure of your business so your business captures maximum profits as the revenue building module of The Retail Profit System is implemented.

  • Steve Pohlit, President of Exec Net Consulting has more than 20 successful years in the retail industry. He has helped Fortune 500 companies as privately held retailers with less than a handful of stores. He combines extensive experience with a common sense process that together are very successful in improving business performance. You will learn how to fine tune what you are doing now and achieve your potential. We work directly with you and your team to take the guesswork out of the retail profit building process.


Call  727-587-7871 or email (click here), to schedule a 60 minute complementary consultation. At the conclusion of our discussion, you will receive at least 5  action steps you can use to increase your revenue and profits even if you do not hire my firm.  Steve Pohlit


  • The Retail Profit System has an added bonus of achieving the results you know are possible from your business with less management time and less personal stress.
  • Our program is designed to be flexible so it is implemented in a practical timeframe based on your ability to implement. 

"As the founder of The Profit System, you have my commitment your company's revenue and profit potential will be realized from our proprietary closed loop business building system. Furthermore we have a program completely suited for most sized retailers and resources."

More About The Profit System

The "Cast In Stone" Revenue Growth Formula:

There are only three ways to grow revenue. They are:

  1. Increase the number of your customers
  2. Increase average sale
  3. Increase the frequency of purchase

The Profit System uses time tested and results proven marketing methods which will  achieve each of these three goals simultaneously.  The result in a dynamic increase in revenue dollars.

The Missing Link

Until now most companies focus on growing revenue or managing costs. Reality: every business must focus on revenue growth, gross margin maximization, expense rationalization and productivity of assets simultaneously.      

The Marketing Component of The Profit System:

There are two roads to the destination of increasing revenue. One is to develop more customers and the second is maximizing revenue from existing customers.

Your best source of growth revenue is from those who have already done business with you. Your next best source, of course, is new customers. The Profit System helps you maximize the lifetime value of all customers - new and current customers.

The Management System Component of The Profit System

You have heard " I lose money on every sale but I make it up in volume!" The Profit System is designed for maximum return on every sale.

Recently I listened to a very well known friend of mine on stage selling his products to the "herd" as he calls it. When he was at the point where he wanted to sell his "stuff' he said " There are a lot of things I do not know and nearly as much that I am not good at, but the one thing I am good at is selling"  

Well the one thing I am really good at is "smoking out" exactly where the problems are and:

1: Fixing those problems

2.: Implementing a management system that not only prevents those problems from happening again but actually contributes to the continual strengthening of the business.

3. Developing practical business building programs that are proven to work and will work for your business.

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Steve Pohlit, President

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